Patent Pending 60215

Implement spacer – a standardized concrete from spacer to ensure maximad precision in placing of concrete forms and meshes and to save time, money and manpower.

  • Keeper 20 is a universal plastic accessory
  • Easy to install, connects with a click
  • Designed to be used in casting of concrete walls, columns and beams
  • Compatible with 6-12 mm rebars
  • Significant saving in time and manpower required for formwork
  • Maintains standard spaces between the reinforcing meshes and the forms
  • High compressive strength
  • Maximal accuracy in laying meshes and forms. Minimal interface with the forms
  • 3 built-in water seals designed to prevent water penetration, corrosion and crack formation
  • Low self-weight – convenient handling, transportation and storage
  • Recommended use 3-4 units per 1 m²